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    Welcome to the CLI Support Center. The CLI Support Center has been established to assist you with your technical questions about CLI products. Our experts will provide you with accurate and prompt responses to your questions and technical issues. We encourage everyone to browse through our informative knowledgebase, it is full of answers and solutions that will solve the majority of issues you may be facing. If it is not found here, simply fill out an Technical Support Request form which automatically opens a support ticket and places it in the que.

    CLI offers telephone, email and web-based support to customers with valid Warranty Support or a purchased support contract. CLI also offers a range of professional services to meet your needs, from our Remote Start-up and Configuration Service to our traditional statement of work-based services. 

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Name Info Download
ET2000 User Guide Version: 3.14-194
ET2000 User Guide
Device Manager 4.1 Admin Guide Version: 4.1
For use with either SNMP standalone or SQL Enterprise Device Manager versions
UB10 Version: 3.0
For CLI Linux Full, Cloud, or streamline versions
Linux User Guide.pdf
CE Manual Version: CE manual 2.21
For use with CE.NET, CE5, CE6
XPe WES or WES 7 Version: XPe manual v1.21
User guide for CLI XP embedded or Windows embedded thin clients.
WES Version: WES SP3
Firmware version 5721d2 release notice
WES 2009 cumulative release notes.pdf
XPe or WES Version:
How to make patches for use with Device Manager
XP or Windows 7 Version:
Video how to install and use CLI Device Manager Software.
Device Manager
CE5 Version: E5519.2
Cumulative release notice from E5519.2 and backwords
E5519.2 cumulative release notes.pdf
LX3 Version: 3.3
Quick setup guide for CLI LX3 Linux thin clients
LX3 Quick Setup Guide
CE, XPe, WES Version:
Ericom Powerterm SSL + SSH host emulation suite (contact sales for license and download package)
Windows7 Version: 2.0-1.95.15
Read this if installing CLI SNMP on Windows 7
SNMP on Windows7.doc
Version: Quick Start Guide
For ST55/65/68xx models
ST QSG-B7-b.pdf
UB10 Version: C
CLI Linux Quick setup guide
CLI Linux Quick Setup Guide.pdf
Zero client Version: 1.0
DT3100 Quick Start Guide
DT3100 Quick Start Guide
XPe or WES Version: All
Windows will not load? (crashed) Recover the factory image direct from CLI FTP server
CLI FTP recoverXPE_WES.pdf
CE5 Version: E5518.13
Use if you want to flash update to version E5518.13 the CLI CE5 thin client from our FTP server.
CLI FTP recover-ce5.pdf
UB10 Version: C11-624
How to install Application Packages using Synaptic Package Manager. Useful for building your own custom Linux images.
How to install Packages using SPM.pdf
Twinax Version: Twinax
CLI 54xx Twinax terminal user guide
WES7e Version: 120511
release notice for WES7e-120511-gold2 image. NOT for ST56xx/68xx.
WES7e-120511-gold2 release notice.pdf
CE6 Version: M.E6602.4
Cumulative release notice for M.E6602.4 and backwards
XPe all Version: SP1 and SP2
XPe cumulative release notice.doc
E0442.2 Version: ET3000N ET3000E
Cumulative release notice for ET3000N ET3000e CE.NET E0442.2 and backwards
e0442.2 cumulative release notes.doc
e0442L.2 Version: ET1500e ET1500n
Cumulative release notice for ET1500e/n version e0442L.2 and backwards
e0442L.2 cumulative release notes.doc
E5428 Version: ET4/5000N
Cumulative relase notice ET4/5000N CE.Net version E5428 and backwards
e5428 cumulative release notes.doc
R1216.1 Version: R1216.1 CE5
MT1200c cumulative release notice R1216.1 and backwards
R1216.1 cumulative release notes.doc
XPe WES or WES 7 Version: XPe manual v1.21
User guide for CLI XP embedded or Windows embedded thin clients.
WES 09 or WES 7 Version: 4.3
Windows crashed? Re-image utility for use with all CLI XPe, WES, or WES 7 capable thin clients except MT1500. WES7 requires Agent update patch 2020727
WES7e Version:
Spec sheet for IA9000 series
Zero client Version: 1.0
DT3100 Administrator guide
DT3100 Administrator guide
LT4100 Admin Guide 2.13.2 Version: 2.13.2
LT4100 Admin Guide
E5518.17 Version: E5518.17
For use with MT15xxg, MT35xxg, ST5/6xxg ONLY. NOT for use with WIFI models (use E5518.13)
E5518.17 cumulative release notes.pdf
CE Manual Version: CE manual 2.21
For use with CE.NET, CE5, CE6
UB10 Version: ALL
CLI Host emulation (Termpro) Quick Setup Guide and basic usage
Termpro-zero Quick Setup Guide
Zero client Version: 1.0
Zero client Administrator guide for AG6200, IA7200, IA8200, DT3200
Zero client Admin guide
Zero client Version: 1.0
Zero client Fast start setup guide for DT3200, AG6200, IA7200, IA8200
Zero client Fast Start guide
LX3 Version: 3.2
General usage guide for CLI LX3 thin clients
Linux (LX3) general usage guide

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