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Twenty years ago CLI introduced the ET2000 Terminal Emulation Ehternet Terminal.  It was one of CLI's most successful products with an installed base of over 500,000 units.  Today we have a new configuration that will continue where the ET2000 left off - the TermPro Zero Client.  Offering the same look and feel that you're accustomed to with a price point that fits your budget!

At A Glance...

  • auto launch your 5250 or 3270 session
  • multiple keyboards supported
  • ease of setup
  • SSL Security including TLS 1.2
  • VESA mountable
  • optional WiFi

Plus, you are able to centrally manage the units from your desktop or laptop - anytime, anywhere - with CLI's Device Manager software.  This powerful tool gives administrators complete centralized control of all CLI desktops, dramatically reducing support costs. 

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 CLI is proud to announce SOTI universal endpoint management certification of the JC8600A Android™ Thin Client.  Computer Lab is the only thin client manufacturer that has earned this certification allowing organizations the option for a fixed Android desktop that is centrally managed with the same SOTI MobiControl tool being used to administrate their mobile devices.  SOTI MobiControl offers a comprehensive set of capabilities as well as a secure locked down environment separating business apps from personal apps on Android devices which is critical today.  

The Enterprise Mobility Management sector is expanding rapidly to become a Unified Endpoint Management market that encompasses more than mobile.   CLI is leveraging this market sector with its JC8600A Android™ desktop device.  The CLI JC8600A can be VESA mounted plus the compact ruggedized, aluminum enclosure is ideal for harsh environments.  Peripherals can be attached to any of the four USB ports.  Enjoy 4K video resolution on the JC8600A offering an outstanding experience via both DisplayPort and DVI-I video ports as well as touch screen support.  Internal 802.11b/g/n wireless is available as a factory installed option.

SOTI is well positioned given the multiple levels of value it offers its customers in North America and worldwide.  SOTI continues to dominate in managing and securing Android™ -- the most popular and dynamic operating system in the enterprise space.  CLI is excited to partner with SOTI for its strong overall performance in the Enterprise Mobility Management sector. 






Friday, 23 March 2018 14:40

Announcing CLI's MCDM Cloud Base Management Tool

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MCDM is CLI's web based, remote management software designed to manage CLI's family of thin clients.  Compatible with any HTML5 Browsers, this tool gives you the flexibility to manage your thin clients anytime from anywhere.  

MCDM software enables you to configure, monitor and manage CLI thin client devices.  From the management console, you can easily apply your setup parameters, patch and manage all aspects of remote CLI devices ensuring peak user productivity.  

MCDM is an optional add-on to any purchase of a CLI thin client but for a limited time it is being offered free.  It is the best time to take if for a test run!  Contact Sales today!

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Offering a quad core CPU - 6 USB ports - Display and DVI-I ports

  • Customize the AG7000 to a 'Zero' Operating System
  • Ideal for your VDI Environment
    1. Zero/RDC
    2. Zero/Citrix Receiver
    3. Zero/Horizon View
    4. Zero/Terminal Emulation

Select 1 of the above...CLI will configure the AG7000 to auto start with your choice...your user is presented with the login screen to access their virtual desktop.

No worries - no headaches - the customer's devices arrive plug and play!!

Contact your CLI Sales Representative for price quotes or for a 30 day risk-free evaluation.

More bang for your buck! CLI’s new AG7000 Thin Client is the answer to your budget woes. Offering you a choice of three essential operating systems, you’ll have the connectivity needed for your environment!


  • CLI’s LX3 Linux… supports RDS, VMWare Horizon View, Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop VDI environments. Chrome and Firefox browsers along with CLI TermPro for legacy emulation are local applications.

  • MS Windows embedded WES7… providing ultimate flexibility with a MS Windows 7 look and feel, our WES7 devices have proven the most popular of our offering.

  • MS Windows 10 IoT Enterprise…the latest embedded O/S for thin clients from Microsoft.

Without sacrificing performance, the AG7000 is equipped with AMD’s Quad Core SOC A6 Micro-AT6500T (1.2 GHz) processor. Six USB ports plus DVI and DP for video connections provides the connectivity for monitors and peripherals.

Experience solid reliability derived from the flash memory storage. The fan-less design makes for ultra-quiet deployments. The Linux model ships with 8GB SATA SSD storage and 2GB DRAM. The WES7 and Win10 IoT versions ship with a 16GB SATA SSD x 4GB DRAM configuration. You can rest easy with a three-year limited warranty or an optional three-year advanced replacement warranty. It is the perfect combination of power and function at an economical price point.

A great fit for your ‘desktop real estate’: Install throughout your business—the 1.5 liter form factor complements and fits into a range of compact work spaces, and the integrated VESA mount enables mounting on a flat surface, or directly behind most displays. Internal Wi-Fi™ 802.11n is available as an option.

Easy deployment: Tailor your installation with the operating system of your choice—and enjoy simplified setup, deployment, and maintenance with CLI DevMan, a free software tool available exclusively for CLI Thin Clients. Contact your CLI Sales Representative for price quotes or for a 30 day evaluation.

CLI, leading manufacturer thin and zero clients, is very excited to announce their next generation of the industry's only ruggedized thin client.  The model JC7102, is ready to take over where the JC6100 has left off with improvements including a quad core AMD SOC GX412 processor and a Radeon HD R3E GPU.  The processor and GPU enhancements provide performance features needed to handle any application.  Additionally, the completely enclosed aluminum casing which acts as the heat sync is built to withstand the harshest environments.  All of these features are packaged within the same JC6100 rugged form factor with no moving parts providing incredibly high MTBF hours.

Optimized for today's virtual desktop environment, the JC7102 offers a rich desktop experience whether your VDI infrastructure is VMware PCoIP, Citrix HDX or Microsoft RDS.  CLI's Device Manager Software completes the package delivering easy to use remote management capabilities.  Adding optional Wi-Fi (optional internal card or external USB) and VESA mounting accessories allows the CLI JC7102 Ruggedized Thin Client to be deployed anywhere with a minimal footprint.  


Check out this article written by Gabe from Brian Madden with the 411 on CLI's Android Thin Client! 

Are Android based thin clients finally ready to break into the enterprise

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