The AG8602 offers a technology with out compromise solution with exceptional functionality for your multimedia, CAD and other computing intensive applications. Designed for VDI connection to Citrix, VMware®, Microsoft®, and Cloud Servers, while providing the inherent reliable security of thin client terminals.

The AG8602 is CLI's powerhouse desktop solution. If you're looking for superior functionality, flexibility and security, the AG8602 is the device you need. The latest AMD Quad Core SOC processor delivers PC like performance for your CAD, multimedia and other CPU intensive applications. With a operating system choice of Windows 10 IoT, 64bit Windows® Embedded Standard 7 or CLI's LX3 Linux, this client is a fantastic fit providing maximum compatibility with it's processing engine to support the most demanding applications. The AG8602 includes 6 USB ports to support multiple peripherals coupled with a Display Port and a DVI digital video port to provide enhanced viewing experience along with the option of enterprise class internal wireless, making connectivity and remote management effortless. CLI's Device Manager software completes the package delivering superior remote management capabilities.

Users demand high performance from their desktop and CLI's AG8602 will meet the requirement. If you have specialized peripherals, multimedia or graphic intensive applications, the CLI AG8602 will deliver the computing power needed for demanding environments. This thin client is built to perform.

AMD Quad Core SOC GX-424 Processor; Multimedia, CAD and other graphics support; Optional wireless; Remote management.


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