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Manufacturing is moving global.  Adoption of global sourcing and just-in-time production transformed the manufacturing industry and increased the importance of coordination and collaboration across supply chains and functional teams. Connecting suppliers, business partners and functional teams ensures stakeholders access to identical information and processes.  LAN-to-LAN networking and large file sharing are examples of applications enabling the necessary cooperation to manage complex relationships.

Manufacturing software like scheduling, ERP, or database, can be utilized anywhere within a facility or job site in a CLI thin client with an Internet browser installed.  CLI makes our products fit our customers instead of making our customers fit our products. We are known for providing the best customer service and innovative yet affordable manufacturing "thin" solutions to our clients.

Modular: Add just the functionality you want to your system.

Portable: Our solutions run across multiple platforms on Windows CE, XPe, WES or Linux in all-in-one integrated and desktop form factor.

Extendable: We can easily add new functionality to our thin clients as your needs change by applying patches or adding required options.

Scalable: Our solutions are compatible with ICA, RDP, PCoIP or other connection brokers to help you quickly access the "Cloud" or Software as a Service (SaaS).

Our Specialties: We specialize in customizing of manufacturing execution endpoints specific to your requirements.

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