Minimize IT Expenditures With CLI Thin Clients

Every year agencies are asked to do more with less. Budgets are getting tighter, demand is becoming greater and security concerns are at the forefront of every IT managers mind. Migrating your desktops to the data center is the single best IT move an organization can take to eliminate the risk of an internally sourced data breach.  At a time of government budget constraints, CLI thin clients are the ideal, low cost solution to help deliver the data to your end user quickly and securely.  In addition to fortifying your computing infrastructure, you also have the added benefits of greater computer reliability, manageability, energy efficiency and improved work-space security.

All CLI thin clients can be configured to come with and integrated smart card reader to allow the workforce mobility and high security based on credentials and certificates.  With full range of peripheral support including Serial, Parallel, USB, and PS2, CLI ensures the full backward compatibility on your hardware accessories and reduces the total cost of ownership.

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