Financial Services

Thin Computing is Ready for Power User

The financial services industry is subject to demanding regulatory standards for disaster recovery and archiving data. This industry fundamentally differs from manufacturing companies that rely on heavy machinery to produce products that collect inventory.  The "machinery" of financial services firms is comprised of electronic transactions and records.  Lost or delayed transactions are tantamount to manufacturing equipment grinding to a halt.  Protecting electronic transactions and assets is critical.  Financial services organizations arguably have the most to lose from slow, unreliable networks.  Price, network reliability and flexibility to meet requirements are the most important decision criteria.Financial service organizations are transitioning to server based infrastructures deploying thin clients.  CLI thin devices with ICA, RDP, PCoIP inherent in the units support this transition.  With more demanding graphic display or media playback requirements, the adoption of desktop virtualization via VMware PCoIP or cloud computing is becoming the new trend.

Time is money.  Because of the importance of network reliability, financial firms place considerable more emphasis on strict SLAs. CIOs list strict SLAs as an important or very important issue when considering Ethernet WAN or wireless broadband in thin client endpoints.The timing for thin computing is maturing along with desktop virtualization to deliver the rich user experience including multi-display, multimedia, and application streaming without compromise.  There is no doubt that financial institutions need reliable (anytime) and secure (anywhere) access.  CLI provides financial institutions the cost effective platform and the management solution with CLI Device Manager that can support legacy as well as hybrid computing environments.

CLI thin client has integrated wireless 802.11b/g/n and internal smart card reader configuration options.  CLI provides an unprecedented customization team to meet your functional workflow requirements.

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