Green Computing

Client-Driven and Energy-Efficient Thin Clients

The rapid growth of technology and innovation has had a positive impact on more than just an organizations bottom line. The benefits of green computing are far reaching and include advantages for the consumer, business, and environment. Green computing helps reduce energy demands, waste, and cost of technology. These positively effect the environment and your operating costs. The result of having a green IT environment is saving money, reducing costs, conserving energy and being an environmentally conscious organization.

CLI offers a complete end-to-end virtualization and cloud computing solution, which includes low cost computing, energy efficiency and centralized management. Regardless of the worker profile, ranging from the normal every-day end user to high demand graphic designers, CLI provides an efficient and green alternative for your organization. CLI offers a solution bundle, which consists of the CLI Device Management System, a broad range of energy saving endpoint devices and onsite professional services. Let our experts provide you with a strategy to meet your Green IT requirements today.

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