Simple and Robust Endpoint Management

CLI Device Manager is a clean user interface allowing IT managers to deploy, configure and maintain CLI thin client devices instantly. CLI Device Manager reduces ongoing support costs by easily managing and deploying device updates. The software client included in every CLI device provides an interface that simplifies the integration of CLI thin clients with industry-standard protocols including; SNMP, FTP and TCP/IP. With Support for Microsoft SQL database CLI Device Manager can support thousands of devices from a single console.


Device Manager Installation Tutorial

SQL Express Installation

Device Manager Installation

Device Manager Features


·         Simplified remote troubleshooting - This enables the IT manager to shadow (remote display) any user with full keyboard and mouse control, reboot and reset to `default` state. All tasks can be scheduled for execution at later times. 

·        Receive dashboard status information - Asset-tracking database allows IT managers to view the current CLI device configuration including firmware version, device location, IP address and memory size which can be used to store or export the information for fast and easy report generation.

·        Manage system settings - CLI Device Manager provides robust and centralized command to control of all CLI thin client devices. Firmware / BIOS / patch updates or configuration changes can be performed in groups or done automatically, eliminating the need for system administrators to manage individual desktops.

·        Microsoft SQL - Support for thousands of devices and the ability to create reports on any facet of your implementation.

·        Logical Grouping - Organize your devices in ways not possible before. Need to see all devices in a specific location, firmware level, RAM or Flash level or even user group affiliation.


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